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As I speak about the horrors of sex trafficking the most common comment is:

Does that still exist?  It might be in Cambodia or Thailand but not in the U. S.

The sad truth is that it exists in every country in the world in various forms.

We have been focusing on some of the pitfalls young girls fall into in the U. S. because this truth of this evil is often hidden.  A young girls is  kidnapped and put into trafficking and police have been treating the case as a runaway.  We want to see them treated as kidnapped children, not runaways.

One of the most dangerous places for young girls, middle-school and up are the shopping malls.  They roam around in small groups and are vulnerable to the approach of young men and couples posing as talent scouts for models and photo shoots.  Many girls have fallen for this and have ended up in brothels.

Here at Hope Unchained we give regular updates on actual cases we are aware of which are being handled now.

We would ask you to become aware of the organizations such as International Justice Mission and Polaris Project who are fighting this awful crime.

Being informed is the most important thing you can do, besides pray.

When you are informed you can let the young people around you know the dangers they face – in internet romances, unknown video game partners, etc. These activities can lead to consequences they can’t begin to imagine.

We want to partner with you to help stop this horrible crime happening right here, in America.