Beverly’s Weekly Message (4/7/13)

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Hello my praying friends,

This week we are looking at some new sites. First go to There is an article on how pimps use social media that is frightening.

Click on  You will see how easily it starts with a cute guy wanting to be friends with a young girl.  She sees that he is cute so she falls for it.  He soon makes her think he is her boyfriend and wants to meet her somewhere.  As soon as she does that she is trapped.  He forces her to have sex with other guys to remain his “girlfriend”.  Usually the girl is unhappy at home and looking for love.

Pray for Dalina Nicholas.  She is a 35 yr. old mother who was arrested in Jacksonville, Fl. for selling her 6 yr. old daughter for sex.  The little girl and her brother were taken away from her after this was discovered.  Jesus loves these children and He loves this very sad mother.  She was on drugs and allowed people to come into her house to get drugs and use her daughter in this horrid way. Google her name to get the whole story.  How they need Him.

Pray again for thousands of laborers to be raised up to fight these awful crimes.  Ask God to make you see what is really going on around you and call the hotline  1-888-428-7581.  There is help available.

What we need are Civilian First Responders.  These are professionals or laypersons who are trained to identify and refer help to victims.  If you are interested in becoming a CFR look up site

War Intl. reports

  • 300,000 people a year are trafficked through the U. S.
  • 3,000 children a day are trafficked in Los Angeles, CA.

Pray without ceasing for these enslaved in a cesspool we can’t even imagine.

God is able.  Hold onto heaven.  He will answer.


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