Arthur’s Weekly Message (4/7/13)

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I have been directing my messages to fathers. It seems God has expectations relating to fathers to teach, to direct, and to model for their children how they should live.  Fathers are directed to teach God’s ways rather than allow the secular world to form their thinking and moral values.  I feel we have just scratched the surface on this subject.

Recently I have encountered the issue of angry fathers.  I would recommend a book which is well done on this subject entitled “When Good Men Get Angry” by Bill Perkins.

Also a good site I found is called

“Angry outbursts from fathers are one of the main reasons kids don’t feel like confiding in them.  And besides being frightening, and damaging relationships with your kids, angry outbursts have been shown to shorten your life.  In fact, a large study at Johns Hopkins University, following young men for an average of 36 years, showed that young men who quickly react to stress with anger have three times the normal risk of developing premature heart disease. ”

Please go to this site and read the rest of this vital article on angry fathers.

Do you know if your kids would confide in you?  Would they be afraid of your reactions?  Is there a history of yelling and bursts of anger?  If there is, it is
very doubtful that you will even get to know your kids. For example, if one of your teen-age sons wanted to get some help from you because he has run into a pornographic site and it is hard for him to stop clicking in do you think he would start the inquiry with you?  Could he be confident that he would be heard?
Respected?  Would he be given Godly help?

Angry fathers are at the heart of the failed lives of many young people.  These fathers may have been brought up with an angry father as well.

How do we break the cycle?

Ephesians 6:4 “Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.”

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