Arthur’s Weekly Message (4/17/13)

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Greetings to my praying friends,

Like spitting in to a hurricane.  That is the view many have of ever slowing the flow of pornography much less of eliminating the evil completely.  We, the people, when aroused, can exert great pressure.  Example:  Porn sites have been eliminated in libraries.  Restrictions have been placed on airline passengers to prevent exposure of porn to others on the plane via  their computers or i-pads. Recently the top ten responsible for promoting pornography was published.  Among them were the Hilton Hotels who refused to remove pornography from the TVs in the guest rooms. Facebook was also mentioned along with the military.

The most difficult for me is the lack of action by the Attorney General’s office led by Eric Holder.  To date Pres. Obama has not ordered him to take legal steps against this crime.  There are adequate laws on the books to be enforced. Pray specifically for this to change and that pressure is applied to act. It looks as though the government is in league with the porn industry.

Also, one must observe how clever the producers are in linking words to a porn site.  One can accidentally click on a word and lock into a porn site.  The producers make it very difficult to avoid this.  Families need to protect themselves using filters.  A good site is .   Another suggestion is to have the computers out in plain sight so everyone in the family can see what is being watched.

Exposure to pornography is usually a voluntary activity. One chooses to watch.  The big problem with that activity is that it becomes addictive before the watcher is aware.  Over time brain changes occur which increases the demand for more.  It acts like a drug and becomes a controlling force.

Recovery from porn addiction is difficult to achieve.  Self-directed efforts don’t work.  Professional assistance is required.  Many churches provide recovery programs and should be considered as the first decision to seek help. The one addicted needs to be brought into the light and share with a small group of others who are struggling.  I can support Pure Desire Ministries and Neil Anderson books and workshops.

This is not a foe to take lightly.  The power of sex addiction is destructive to normal sexual activity for  husband and wife relationships.

In the present climate I don’t see a formidable counter force arising from government.  The power we need to apply is the power of prayer.  The plague of pornography needs exposing and continual prayer warfare will accomplish this.

Our God is able.

Strongly suggest you go to and click on video of Daniel who had a sex addiction and see what happened to him.

We covet your prayers for us as we research this hideous crime.  We are under attack more than ever before by the enemy.  Our God will triumph.

Your brother,

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