Arthur’s Weekly Message (3/21/13)

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Greetings brothers,

The goal:  Sexual Purity

The Prize:  Being a virgin on your wedding night.

It is true that staying a virgin has lost its importance in today’s culture.  But not in God’s eyes.  

This same overriding reason for God’s plan for purity before marriage is still in force. God’s plan is the most likely to bring a couple what they are hoping to find in becoming one flesh.

Gen. 2:24 “For this reason shall a man leave his father and mother and cling to his wife and become one flesh.”

Many books have been written to advise parents how to prepare their children for their  adult sexual life.  I have found one that speaks well.  It is not an easy read.  The book will engage you at many levels.  It will bring much needed insight.

It is named “Moral Revolution, the Naked Truth about Sexual Purity”.  The authors are Chris and Jason Vallotton.

The following is an example of how it defines the need to set boundaries.
A whole section  is given to how a girl should dress and why.  “If it is not for sale, don’t advertise.”  …………”Whether you mean to or not, you need to know that when you wear tight clothes, short dresses, low-cut shirts or blouses that expose your belly, it isn’t sending a message that you want people to be attracted to you as a person.  Rather, it tells them that you want them to see you as a sexual object.”

I recommend that you read this book together with your children at the appropriate age and discuss the various points.  It may be at a younger age than you think.  Keep in mind that the average age of a boy looking at pornography is 11.

How does all this fit into the impact of pornography?  As you read and apply what you learn you may define what your virtues are, what your life purpose is, where your boundaries are, and what you will allow to come into your life.  You will also define who your friends are and what you will read or expose yourself to visually.  When these boundaries are set there is protection from the influence of evil.

If the parents don’t teach the children about sex the children will find out many times through pornography because it is so readily available.  This book will provide a good source for the information that must be taught at home, not on the street or on the computer.

I am asking you to pray on this, get the book, begin to read, take notes, and we will discuss it further.

Your brother,

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