Arthur’s Weekly Message (3/14/13)

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Greetings brothers in Christ,

As you know, I have been writing to educate you and inform you re:  pornography and the harm it does in the lives of thousands of young men.

Today I would like to expose one of the underpinnings for porn’s popularity.  It is simply that young men go there to get educated about sex.   The average age of boys on porn is 11 years old. The usual experience is to have little or no information transferred by parents to their growing children.  They expect the school health class to do that for them.

Have you thought about how difficult learning is in the environment of a classroom full of pre-pubescent boys being told about sexual functions?  The most obvious place for that learning is at home from parents.  But you say, they are not teachers either.  That is no excuse.  “The sin of omission” applies.

As I write I ask myself how well I did with my three sons and daughter in this area.  As I look at their lives today they seem to have survived the lack of parental coaching.  Someone else stepped in or it was “play it by ear”.  So I am among those I am writing about.  Not much fun to admit but if I am to have integrity I must include myself.

My prayer is that my sons and daughter have done a better job than I and that their sons and daughters were taught carefully so that my soon to be thirteen great-grandchildren will be well-informed about who they are and not have to seek information about sexuality in all the wrong places.

Pornography is definitely a wrong place to become informed.  It becomes very attractive to those who have not been taught through their growing years about the place of sex in their lives.  They need to know how and when to become involved sexually.

God’s Word tells us that the only appropriate place for sex is in the marriage.  In spite of what our culture tells us His rules still apply.  This covenant when broken causes irreparable harm.

I know how complicated it is to expect today’s parents to accept their responsibility.  Single moms ( no man to teach their sons).  Dysfunctional families.  Fathers absent because of their work.  Often homes are already polluted with pornography.  Homes with little or no moral code resulting in parents who are not equipped to teach.  Many more excuses.  Things will only deteriorate further if we neglect the next generation.
These are points to ponder.  This is a call for urgent prayer for rescue.

Your fellow sojourner,

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