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Beverly’s Weekly Message (3/25/13)

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Dear praying friends,
I would like to draw your attention to the appointment of a new FCC Chairman.  Please if you are in the US voice your opinion about needing someone in this important office who cares about what children are seeing on television.  Pray God’s person will be appointed.

Polaris project is the most effective group fighting sex trafficking in the US.  Please pray about donating a small amount each month as the King directs to help them.

I received a petition to sign this week against Hilton Hotels.  They do not follow federal law and are putting on their televisions hardcore pornography.

If yo...

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Arthur’s Weekly Message (3/25/13)

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A common question for parents is:  How old should a daughter be to go out on a “date” that is one boy, one girl, one car, and a destination?  What time should he bring her home?  Dating in the western world is the usual way in our culture  to find a life’s mate.  In the Eastern world many marriages are arranged by parents.

This is a system also with many faults and can cause much abuse for the woman involved.  How successful is the Western world’s way? We have 50% of the marriages ending in divorce even in the church world.  This doesn’t convince me that we have it right either.
Is the dating system at fault?  Perhaps, but more likely, the issue is about how the young people are taught and prepared to be alone with the opposite sex.

What values have they been gi...

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Arthur’s Weekly Message (3/21/13)

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Greetings brothers,

The goal:  Sexual Purity

The Prize:  Being a virgin on your wedding night.

It is true that staying a virgin has lost its importance in today’s culture.  But not in God’s eyes.  

This same o...

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Arthur’s Weekly Message (3/14/13)

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Greetings brothers in Christ,

As you know, I have been writing to educate you and inform you re:  pornography and the harm it does in the lives of thousands of young men.

Today I would like to expose one of the underpinnings for porn’s popularity.  It is simply that young men go there to get educated about sex.   The average age of boys on porn is 11 years old. The usual experience is to have little or no information transferred by parents to their growing children.  They expect the school health class to do that for them.

Have ...

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