Arthur’s Weekly Message (2/25/13) – Can we really blame pornography?

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Hello my friends,

Can we really blame pornography (print or internet) for the devastation in marriages and families?  There are so many stories of this being true.

One recent story involved a professional musician who left his wife and children for two 20 yr. old women. The second story involves a mature man married with family.  One night he went out where he knew he could find a “for hire” sex partner.  He was picked up and arrested for soliciting sex.  He was a Christian leader of youth at his church, a business man, a husband, and a father. Imagine the stress and trauma he caused his family, friends, business people, and the church which trusted him to lead their children. His wife decided to forgive him.  The marriage held but the rest of his life was permanently scarred.  Pornography was at the bottom of his downfall.

How many hundreds of other stories are out there?

All of these stories have at the center of them a man who solicits sex.  He is called a john.

I have found a site that explains how men become johns.  Please go to FB search for Hope Unchained.  The first link is to Porn Harms and a video of a lecture on The Making of a John.  Take the time to see this and be informed.  The facts of pornography and some of the tactics of the producers are alarming.  You will be shocked to see how they lure young adolescents into addiction.

Make sure you are monitoring what your children are watching on the computer and on their phone.

Pray for us as we continually delve into this darkness.  The enemy attacks but our God is greater.

Your brother,

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