Finding Freedom from the Chains of Pornography: Part 1

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Pornography and the sin of lust are at the root of human trafficking, especially sex trafficking.  In this series Arthur begins to tackle the problem of being held in bondage by porn.

Pornography is destroying marriages, families, friendships and lives around the world.  But it doesn’t need to be a destroyer.  It can be overcome.  While it has taken over the lives of men and women, with prayer and resources it can also be banished from those same lives.

Please join Arthur in this series.  It may help you or someone you love find freedom from the chains of pornography.


Tucked away in the 31st chapter of the Book of Job is Job’s analysis of the sin of lust.  He recognized its power to destroy and took steps to counter the power of lust.

He sets up a covenant with his eyes to avoid LOOKING at a woman.  He knows God’s opinion on the matter.  He sees calamity and destruction coming on those who look with lust.  He asks a question:  “Does not God see our ways and knows exactly what we are doing?”

He also understood the results of failing to avoid looking and getting involved.  He says:  “If my step has turned aside from the way and my heart has gone after my eyes'” then he gives many scenarios of what will happen.

Job knew that the defiled life came from a deceived heart.  Lust is a fire in the soul and destroys the conscience.  He was determined to avoid that evil.  A covenant was a very serious step and was used to focus attention on a decision.  This decision was purity of life.

Prayer:  “Father, I choose to live a pure life.  I choose to covenant with my eyes to not lust after a woman and to give her the respect as one of your loved children.  I call upon the power of the Holy Spirit to keep me true.  In the Name of Jesus our Lord, Amen”

Keep praying this each time you are tempted.

Look up  It is a site created by Dr. Ted Roberts.  At the beginning is a short video called The Noose.  It is a disturbing visual of what pornography does to a person.  He is diving in a cave.

Watch it.

Your brother in Christ,

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