Sad news in Grand Rapids, MI

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It is with sadness that we share the following stories with you, our fellow LOVE WARRIORS.

Last Saturday, as you were sitting in front of the TV watching football or out shopping for Christmas presents, a young woman in Grand Rapids, MI was thrown out of a Jeep by her pimp and run over.

She was a rescued girl.  She had made contact with Wedgewood Christian Services and was being ministered to by some amazing LOVE WARRIORS. 

The details are still unclear, but at around 5:30 pm she was pushed from a moving Jeep and then subsequently run over.

Was it because she tried to get away?
Was it because she was trying to turn her life around?
Was it because she was seen as property, money?

Yes.  It was all of those things.  She made the effort to change her life and it almost cost her life itself.

Pray for this young lady, who is lying in a hospital in critical condition today.  Pray for her recovery and that the authorities catch the men who did this to her. Pray that this incident is used for the glory of God and that somehow it saves someone else.

In a second incident, another girl who had been rescued by Wedgewood was beat up by her pimp after trying to leave the sex industry.  When she went to the hospital to get help for her injuries she was mocked by the doctor.  She left and 4 hours later she was dead as a result of her injuries.

A life of promise.
A life of purpose.
A life given by the Creator.

This didn’t happen in some country far away.  For some of you reading this it happened near your house.  Maybe you have family in Grand Rapids.  Maybe you now someone who lives there or have visited the city in the past.

These are just two stories of what is happening across our country to young girls who deserve so much more out of life.

Don’t turn a blind eye. 
Get on your knees.
Stop running from this issue.
Start praying.
Ask what God wants you to do.

We need you!  We need LOVE WARRIORS who will step up to the front lines and be the hands and feet of Jesus in a world of darkness.



  • Heather Windeler

    Amen, this breaks my heart, but amen to your call out for prayer and action. More need to know and to actually do something. Every life is precious in His eyes.

    • Debi Stangeland

      Thank you for stopping by Heather. It’s nice to know there are other LOVE WARRIORS out there.